Warm Audio Jet Phaser Effects Pedal


Warm Audio Jet Phaser Effects Pedal

Of all of the designs available during the rocking ’70s, one phaser pedal stood apart from the others due to its flexibility, sound quality and addition of fuzz sounds, and it was immediately adopted by funk bass pioneer Larry Graham as the core of his modulated sound with both Sly and The Family Stone and his own Graham Central Station.

The Warm Audio Jet Phaser is a hyper-authentic recreation of this famous pedal, accurate from the gooey swirl of the audio circuit to the look and feel of the enclosure, except that it’s true bypass and far more affordable and reliable than vintage units!

– Faithful recreation of the original “jet” phase circuit
– Uses premium components throughout, including carbon film resistors and film capacitors
– True bypass operation
– Six modes: JET (1-4), PHASE (1-2)
EFFECT/NORMAL and FAST/SLOW foot switches
– Gradual rate change when FAST/SLOW switch is pressed, simulating a rotary cab

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