Toca TKSDS Kickboxx Suitcase Drum Set


Toca TKSDS Kickboxx Suitcase Drum Set

The Kickboxx Suitcase is a drum set with a Kick, Snare and Tom, plus room for your favorite kick pedal. The Kickbox acts as a carrying case for the entire set. Packed up, it’s small enough to fit in most airline overhead compartments. It features a 14″ Bass Drumhead, 10″ snare (with throw-off), 10″ tom, and retractable accessory posts. Additional accessories can be mounted by attaching accessory clamps to the handle.

– Kick, Snare and Tom, Plus Room for a Kick Pedal
– Acts as a Carrying Case for Entire Set
– Fits in Most Airline Overhead Compartments
– 14″ Bass Drumhead
– 10″ Snare (with throw-off)
– 10″ Tom
– Retractable Accessory Posts
– Additional Accessories Can Be Mounted to Handle

Updated January 26, 2022 at 12:30 PM

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