Tama HPDS1 DynaSync Direct Single Bass Drum Pedal


Tama HPDS1 DynaSync Direct Single Bass Drum Pedal

Optimized Transmission Design – By precisely positioning and aligning the contact point transmission angles between the cam, direct link and footboard, we achieved the perfect overall balance of power-speed-feel.

Dual Linkage – To convert rotational motion force from footboard to cam, we developed a sturdy double-link cam connection system that holds the rotation axis bearings equally from both sides. This produces almost perfect energy transfer from the footboard-to-cam and creates phenomenal reaction speed and power.

Slidable Cam – The upper cam section slides back and forth in a “non-step” action to adjust the cam-turning radius. A larger turning radius provides for a more linear motion between footboard and beater and results in a high-degree of sensitivity for nuanced performance. The smaller turning radius results in a more dynamic (non-linear) motion. The Slidable Cam promotes a highly personalized and “connected” feel tailored to widely diverse playing styles.

– Optimized Transmission Design
– Dual Linkage
– Slideable Cam
– Footboard Angle Adjustment
– Sync-Coil
– Dyna Beater
– Hinge Guard Block
– Swivel Spring Tight
– Speedo Ring
– Para-Clamp II Pro
– Oiles Bearing Hinges

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