Tama HH915D Speed Cobra 910 Lever Guide HiHat Stand


Tama HH915D Speed Cobra 910 Lever Guide HiHat Stand

The HH915D features the same long footboard as our Speed Cobra Bass Drum Pedal. Its core design is based on the Iron Cobra Hi-Hat Stand, widely recognized as one of the best performing hi-hat stands in the world. The longer footboard offers footwork flexibility, added control and sensitivity. The latest innovation on this stand, the new “Quick-Set Clutch”, allows hi-hat cymbals to be quickly attached and removed. The Hinge Guard Block on the footboard holds the bearing more evenly, minimizing stress and maximizing smoothness.

– Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch
– Spring Seat
– 6-way Tension Adjustment
– Oiles Bearing Hinge
– Spare-The-Rods Tension Rod Protector
– Non-Loosening Tension Rod
– Glide-Tite Grip Joint
– Dual Leg Design
– Bigger Rubber Feet w/Duo-Spike
– Long Footboard
– Footboard Angle Adjustment
– Tilt System
– Additional Short Rod Included
– Weight: 5.2kg (11.7lbs)

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