Savage Custom Drums 6.5×14″ Sand Cast Bronze Snare Drum


Savage Custom Drums 6.5×14″ Sand Cast Bronze Snare Drum

NEW manufacturer Savage Custom Drums from Bellingham, WA USA specializes in sand cast bronze snare drums.

Cast bronze, also known in the industry as “bell brass”, is the shell material responsible for some of the most iconic drum sounds in history. Metallica’s self-titled “Black Album”, Stone Temple Pilots’ “Core”, Nirvana’s “Nevermind” all used the infamous “Terminator” early ’80s Tama bell brass snare drum from Drum Doctors in LA.

The tone of cast bronze drums could be described as extremely resonant, sensitive, massively powerful and toneful. There’s a low end punch and sustain that carries into the room, which is seldom heard from drums made from other materials.

If you own a studio and want an attractive piece of kit for drummers or just want a killer recording drum in your arsenal, this is it. Live, this drum will cut through most amplified scenarios with ease.

6.5×14″, 5mm thick sand cast Bronze shell
Sand cast bronze hoops
INDe throwoff
Canopus snare wires
Volume, depth and sustain for days

Includes SKB Case

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