Sabian XSR Commuter Cymbal Pack, 13/14/18


Sabian XSR Commuter Cymbal Pack, 13/14/18

Designed for today’s smaller drum kits, the XSR Commuter Pack ensures that travelling light doesn’t mean you have to compromise your sound possibilities. 13″ XSR hats are highly responsive, incredibly versatile, and perfectly controllable. A 14″ XSR Fast Crash is also highly versatile and effective for whatever type of music you’re playing. And the 18″ XSR Monarch does double duty as a fantastic Crash and a focused Ride. Pack tight, travel light, sound great! Crafted from pure SABIAN B20 Bronze using trickle-down technology from award-winning Evolution and X-Plosion cymbals, XSR delivers unprecedented sound and performance at a price designed to fit your cymbal budget.

XSR Commuter Cymbal Set Includes:
13″ XSR Hi-Hat Set, Brilliant
14″ XSR Fast Crash, Brilliant
18″ XSR Monarch Ride, Big&Ugly

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