Roland Octapad SPD-30 Electronic Drum Pad


Roland Octapad SPD-30 Electronic Drum Pad

The original Octapad PAD-8 changed the world of electronic percussion. By introducing a small, single-unit system with the capabilities of an entire electronic collection, the options were endless. Now the Roland SPD-30 Octapad builds on the traditional design to offer an Octapad that can keep up with contemporary musicians.

The new Version 2 system upgrade expands the SPD-30’s onboard kit and phrase libraries, and add powerful new features and functions.
– The number of kits has been increased from 50 to 99 (Version 2)
– Controllable Phrase Loop function with 50 preset phrases (Version 2)
– Useful Kit Chains for live performance (Version 2)
– Output Gain Function (Version 2)

– The latest pad-sensing technology developed for V-Drums provides even and accurate pad triggering with excellent isolation between pads
– Four dual-trigger inputs, plus hi-hat controller for adding pads to create a mini kit, or for connecting triggers from acoustic drums
– Phrase Loop function inspires your creativity; record your playing in real time and overdub up to three layers
– USB connectivity for MIDI and memory storage
– Large backlit LCD and pad indicator lights for easy operation in low-light conditions
– Rugged, road-worthy design

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