Rainger FX Drone Rainger Digital Delay Effects Pedal – Used


Rainger FX Drone Rainger Digital Delay Effects Pedal – Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

It’s a dub-flavoured digital delay (based on our Echo-X delay pedal), that also produces low, throbbing drones that can also be mixed through the delay circuit. If you play shoegaze, doom/heavy/psychedelic rock, or ambient music it’s a fantastic tool for making a powerful base note to play over.

The guitar signal and the drone signal are independently mixed through the same delay circuit (about 1 second maximum repeat time), with a totally dry guitar switching option. There are actually two analogue tone generators inside the Drone Rainger making up the sound – one with a 12-way selector switch, the other free-moving – so that when they’re tuned nearly the same, you get interesting ‘beats’ created between the two of them. Blend them to suit using the ‘mix’ knob.

The drones also have two instantaneous effects that can be switched in with a footswitch while you play guitar; one is a ‘tone-down’ pitch dropping effect – making the pitch sag in a truly ominous way! The other is a ‘pitch-up’ effect, raising the pitch of one tone generator much higher – so that 2-note ‘chords’ are easily possible.

– Digital Delay with 1 Sec Maximum Delay
– Two Built-In Fully Tunable Drones for Instant Amosperic Backing
– Can Switch Between 2 Notes on the Fly
– One Tone-Down Spot Effect
– Pitch Ramp-Up for Major/Minor Modes
– Chorus Effect for Extra Tone Movement
– Dry Option to use purely as Sound Source

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