Rainger FX Bleep w/Igor Fuzz Effects Pedal


Rainger FX Bleep w/Igor Fuzz Effects Pedal

The Bleep is the most fun, most out-there pedal in the Rainger FX line! It’s a compilation of various sounds from the range of Dwarf pedals recently discontinued, but in a more usable format. Using the same full-on fuzz circuit from the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz pedal, it has more low-end, the LFO speed is adjustable on-the-fly, and the chip-destablising ‘bleep’ facility is now accessible via a front panel knob.

This pedal covers a wide palette of sounds, from hard chunks of uncompromising fuzz, to edgy lead tones that are guaranteed to cut through a mix. The sustain can morph into robot alarm sounds, the signal degrading into rhythmical proto-synthy pulses, their pitch actually playable in real time. With the LFO on, the ‘overtone’ is automatically modulated to produce a slowly scything tonal movement – like an extreme phaser, and with the ‘Bleep/Fuzz’ knob and Igor pressed the speed ramps up, moving into psychotic chirping like some fiendish arcade game.

– Full-On, Full Range Monster Fuzz in a Tiny Package
– Dissolves into Bleep Madness
– Has a Built-In Modulation and Noisegate
– Includes New Igor MK2 Controller
– Bleep Pitch and Overtone Pitch Controllable via Igor

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