Presonus Eureka Rackmount Mic Preamp with Compression and EQ – Used


Presonus Eureka Rackmount Mic Preamp with Compression and EQ – Used

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The Eureka is equally at home in the studio or at the gig. With separate mic, line, and instrument inputs, you can employ it on almost any sound source.

Sweetening starts with a high-headroom Class A solid-state mic preamplifier with +22 dBu of headroom, providing wide dynamic range and excellent transient-response characteristics. The preamp’s variable mic-input impedance enables you to vary the “color” of your sound and get the best performance from any type of microphone. A Saturate control simulates the effects of tape saturation and tube warmth so you can go from crystal-clear to warm and rich.

The compressor includes an internal sidechain with variable (10 Hz to 10 kHz) high-pass filter, so it can achieve anything from hard pumping to transparent compression.

The Eureka’s three-band, fully parametric EQ has overlapping frequency selection on each band. It can be used pre- or post-compressor and can be bypassed.

The Eureka provides all of the secondary features you need in a preamp/channel strip. A 20 dB pad lets you tame hot input signals, and a high-pass filter attenuates all frequencies below 80 Hz by 12 dB. Polarity reverse enables you to deal with phase problems when using open mics.

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