MXR Dyna Comp Mini Compressor M291 Effects Pedal


MXR Dyna Comp Mini Compressor M291 Effects Pedal

The Dyna Comp Mini Compressor combines classic tone and modern convenience in a housing that’s nearly half the size of the original, featuring an all-new Attack switch to toggle between slow and fast attack times.

The MXR Dyna Comp Mini compressor effects pedal is the most convenient take on one of the most iconic comp pedals in history. The Dyna Comp’s squash is legendary, and now you can get that same tone in a pedal that takes up nearly half the pedalboard real estate as the original. The Dyna Comp Mini’s “metal can” CA3080 IC chip is the same as found in vintage Dyna Comps, offering a transparent tone with low noise. And you’ll find an attack button to select between a slower or faster feel.

Last updated on March 24, 2020 at 11:32 AM

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