Mooer Brown Sound 3 Preamp 005 Effects Pedal – Used


Mooer Brown Sound 3 Preamp 005 Effects Pedal – Used

Type: Used
Condition: Good

Modelled after the 3rd version of one of the most famous signature artist amplifiers in history (EVH 5150 III). This is the most recent take on the tone of a guitarist who completely changed the way we think of rock guitar during the 80’s and 90’s. Brown sound 3 has a lush clean channel that can reach mild breakup with the gain cranked and a drive channel that is tight, harmonically balanced, smooth as silk and has saturation in spades

MOOER micro preamps are sonically accurate digital recreations of the preamp sections of popular tube amplifiers. We have developed these by directly analyzing real tube amplifiers using a brand new technology to capture their sound, dynamics and response. Each Micro Preamp comes complete with dual channels, integrated speaker cabinet simulation and dual operating modes to suit the needs of all users.

– High quality dual channel preamp
– Independent 3 band EQ, Gain and Volume controls for each channel
– Speaker cabinet simulation on/off
– 2 different modes for footswitch operation. On/Off or channel A/B
– Gas Station Boutique modern High Gain
– Implied Inspiration is EVH 5150 III

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