Meinl 22″ Classics Custom Dark Ride Cymbal


Meinl 22″ Classics Custom Dark Ride Cymbal

22″ Dark Ride – CC22DAR
Its balance of stick definition and wash, along with a touch of warmth, produces a full spectrum of overtones when it opens up. Very innovative cymbal for any kind of music settings.

Classics Custom Dark Cymbals pack a punch. They are designed for players who need cymbals that cut with agility. They give you plenty of snap to be heard among a dense mix of electric guitars, while their presence echoes the darker nature of a deeply hammered cymbal.

– B10 Bronze Alloy
– Outstanding sound qualities and dark look
– High-tech computerized manufacturing
– Medium Weight
– Dark Finish
– High/Mid Pitch
– Bright Timbre
– Medium Sustain
– Med Volume
– Wide Blade Lathe

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