Meinl 14″ Classics Custom Extreme Metal Hi Hat Cymbal Set


Meinl 14″ Classics Custom Extreme Metal Hi Hat Cymbal Set

14″ Extreme Metal Hi Hat – CC14EMH-B
Strong and energetic open hihat sound with a sharp, piercing chick sound. Outstanding loud and powerful hihat which cuts through aggressive music.

– B10 Bronze Alloy
– High-tech computerized manufacturing
– Outstanding sound qualities and brilliant look
– Extra Heavy Weight
– Brilliant Finish
– Pressure Point Technology, Computerized Hammering Shaping
– High Pitch
– Bright Timbre
– Long Sustain
– High Volume
– Explosive, Cutting Character
– No Lathing

Made for drummers who need a tough cymbal that will endure a punishing set night after night while delivering plenty of volume and cut. Exactly as their name suggests, they are an extreme version of Classics Custom. They have the same brightness, clarity, and shimmer, but with a double-shot of punch and volume for more power and precision to climb above the roar of distortion-charged amps.

Made in Germany from B10 bronze alloy, lathe formed profile, mirror smooth surface, and brilliant finish.

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