Matthews Chemist v2 Atomic Modulator Effects Pedal – Used


Matthews Chemist v2 Atomic Modulator Effects Pedal – Used

Type: Used
Condition: Excellent

Matthews Chorus, Octave, and Phaser pedal

The Chemist v2 is a one-stop modulation laboratory featuring an analog emulating chorus, a mind altering phaser or a polyphonic organ style octave. The journey begins with two rows of identical controls, allowing you to switch between the top and bottom row with the push of a button. Always visible and editable on the fly, this works as a preset without any programming or menu diving. You can set each row to be a completely different sound. For example, set a lush chorus on one, a phaser on the other or create any combination of two distinct sounds and alternate between them instantly. For each set of controls, there is a slide switch on the side of the pedal that lets you select either “Cobalt”, a classic lush chorus, “Lithium”, a polyphonic organ octave effect or “Iridium”, a swirling phaser. Bend the sonic elements to your will with The Chemist V2.

The Chemist V2 has two sets of slide switches on the left side of the pedal that let you choose one of these three algorithms for each row of controls:

Cobalt (Chorus/Vibrato) – Recreate classic, lush, chorus tones. Turn the Reaction knob up (turning your dry signal down) for a mind-altering vibrato.

Lithium (Octave) – Generate rich polyphonic organ textures using the Formula control as your low octave mix, the Catalyst as your high octave mix and the Reaction knob to adjust the mix between your wet and dry signal.

Iridium (Phaser) – Manipulate speed (Catalyst knob) and resonance (Formula knob) to create swirling sonic elements.

Alt Switch (secondary foot switch) – What sets the Chemist V2 apart from other pedals is the Alt controls. The three knobs on the Top row of the pedal are duplicated on the Bottom row giving you two different settings/sounds which you can jump between. You can independently select the algorithms for each row using the slide switches on the side of the pedal. This creates a simple and straightforward way to get two dynamic sounds on the fly.

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