Matthews Architect v3 Overdrive/Boost Effects Pedal – Used


Matthews Architect v3 Overdrive/Boost Effects Pedal – Used

Type: Used
Condition: Excellent

The Architect V3 is Rick Matthews’ unique take on the legendary klon circuit, which has formed the tone of countless guitar players. Matthews Effects is the first company to take this legendary design to new heights by building in an active three band EQ which sculpts the tone of the overdrive. The option to select from three distinct clipping modes allows you to perfectly pair this pedal with any guitar/amp combination. The boost channel offers two independent circuits to choose from, giving you vast control of your tonal blueprints. With the Architect V3 you can create layered, clean boosts, to dynamically push your amp with powerful EQ dialing, or crank up the gain and shake the very earth. There is always more to discover and build on with the Architect V3.

The slide switch on the side of the pedal lets you select from three distinct clipping modes, each with a different color of gain. This allows you pair the Architect V3 with any guitar and amp combination.

Silicon – Very tight and crunchy
Diode Lift – Slight natural clipping great for pushing a dirty amp
Germanium – Compressed and tight

– Overdrive & boost in a single compact pedal
– Soft-touch footswitch designed to years of abuse
– Fully active three-band EQ
– Three clipping options
– Two boost options
– External bypass control for both the overdrive and boost circuits. TRS cable required.
– Top-mounted jacks make pedal board placement effortless

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