Mackie Studio Bundle


Mackie Studio Bundle

Studio Bundle with CR3-X Moniters, Big Knob Studio Moniter Controller/Interface, EM-89D Dynamic Mic, EM91C Condenser Mic, and MC-100 Headphones

The Mackie Studio Bundle not only includes all the tools you need to create and mix professional recordings, it gives you room to grow. As the central hub of your setup, Big Knob Studio is your audio interface, monitor controller, headphone amp, talkback, and much more. Tons of inputs and outputs makes expanding your gear arsenal easy. The EM-91C Condenser Mic is great for capturing vocals in amazing detail while the EM-89D Dynamic Mic is versatile enough to capture even the loudest of sources. MC-100 headphones provide the clear sound and noise isolation you need when tracking. For editing or just hanging out, our much-loved CR3-X monitors deliver professional studio-quality sound.

Included with this bundle are two powerful recording software packages. Pro Tools | First with the exclusive Musician Collection plugin bundle and Waveform OEM with their DAW Essentials Collection plugin bundle.

Mackie Studio Bundle includes:
Big Knob Studio Moniter Controller/Interface
CR3-X 3″ Creative Reference Multimedia Moniters
EM-89D Dynamic Vocal Microphone
EM-91C Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic
MC-100 Headphones
Pro Tools First and Waveform OEM
The Musician Collection for Pro Tools
The DAW Essentials Bundle for Waveform

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