JHS Pedals Kodiak Tremolo with Tap Tempo Effects Pedal


JHS Pedals Kodiak Tremolo with Tap Tempo Effects Pedal

The JHS Pedals Kodiak tremolo is the newest addition to our tap-tempo series featuring all the bells-and-whistles you need to create the biggest tremolo growl you’ve ever heard! Based around classic Vox and Black Face tremolo sounds, the Kodiak brings vintage tremolo into the modern era with four different wave patterns, Mix, onboard tap-tempo, and sub-divisions to give you total control as well as plenty of inspiration to bring your sound out of hibernation.

The Kodiak has five simple controls: Volume, Speed, Mix, Ratio, and Wave.

The Wave control gives you four different wave variations to choose from: Sine, Rhythmic, Square, and Ramp. The Sine wave is a classic amp-like tremolo sound, the Rhythmic wave gives you an interesting rhythmic pattern that can be used in many different time-signatures for different effect, the Square wave gives you a more choppy trem sound, and the Ramp wave gives you a warbly type of sound.

Last updated on March 24, 2020 at 11:45 AM

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