JHS PackRat 9-Way Distortion/Fuzz Effects Pedal


JHS PackRat 9-Way Distortion/Fuzz Effects Pedal

In the format of the Bonsai and Muffuletta, we bring to you a collection of 9 RAT pedals perfectly replicated in one box!

Building on our Multi-Mode pedal series that includes the Muffuletta and Bonsai, the PackRat uses the same unique digital runway system to direct the paths of 261 components through 40 individual switches. This means that when you choose one of the nine legendary or rare modes, you are playing fully analog circuits that perfectly replicate that mode, even down to the aging components (also known as component drift).

The OG V1 (1979-83)
White Face V3 (1984-1986)
Turbo V5 (1989)
BRAT V6 (1997)
Dirty V7 (2004)
LA (1986)
Landgraff MO’D (1999)
Caroline Wave Cannon
JHS Mode

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