Hughes & Kettner Red Box Pro Direct Box and Guitar Cab Simulator – Used


Hughes & Kettner Red Box Pro Direct Box and Guitar Cab Simulator – Used

Type: Used
Condition: Good

Eliminates amp-miking hassles, providing rich, full cabinet sound. Simply connect the RED BOX to the line out jack of your amp or preamp, or patch it between your amp head and speaker. Its complex filtering system delivers a balanced signal that simulates the sound of a miked cabinet with amazing accuracy. Fast, simple setup and consistent sound quality – the only way to “mike” up your rig. Cabinet simulator with two selectable characteristics (combo/4×12″). Can be powered by phantom power, external adapter, or battery. Ground Lift switch. Inputs and outputs: Line in, speaker in, speaker through, electronically balanced low-impedance out (XLR).

The world’s most popular cabinet simulator. Improved professional version, the Red Box Pro. Refined for even greater realism. Balanced transformer and ground lift switch, for both impedance matching and galvanic isolation, and a ground lift switch for knocking out hum. This allows you to connect your guitar amp to your mixing console over lengthy cables without worrying about extraneous noises or ground loops.

– No batteries or external power supplies required.
– Power Amp Simulation. Not just the sound of the speaker cabinet, but the sonic subtleties introduced by the guitar amp’s power amp section are now accurately recreated as well.
– The Red Box Pro can now double as a standard D.I. box at the flick of a switch. You can bypass the entire Red Box Pro filtering section and connect an acoustic guitar, a bass, or a keyboard.
– Controls: 4×12″/Combo switch
– Speaker simulation: 4×12″ + 2×12″ combo
– Connections: Line in, Speaker in, Speaker through, mic. level balanced out (XLR).

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