Hammond SK1-88 Portable Organ/Stage Piano w/Soft Case – Used


Hammond SK1-88 Portable Organ/Stage Piano w/Soft Case – Used

Type: Used
Condition: Great

Want a stage worthy Hammond Organ that’s actually portable? The Sk-1 is the solution for you. Prefer a dual manual organ? The 88 Semi Weighted keybed can be split to function as two 44 Key keyboards. Need a good B3 sim? Adjust the 9 drawbars and dial up one of the many Leslie profiles. Want to use other Synth mods or boards at the show? Up to 3 MIDI zones can be controlled with the SK, with all settings saved as a preset. Want to breakdown without breaking your back? The Sk-1 88 weighs only 27lbs and this includes a Soft Case as well.

– 88 Semi Weighted Keys
– 12 Hammond Macro Profiles with 17 Tweakable Parameters
– 96 Individually adjustable voiceable digital tonewheels
– VASE III Sound Generator
– 8 Leslie Macro Profiles
– 17 Tweakable Leslie Parameters
– 9 Drawbars, Assignable
– 32 Ranks of Pipe Organ
– Vox and Farfisa Combo Organs
– 37 Hi Def Extra Voices w/ 114 Variations
– 3 MIDI Zones
– FX, EQ, Master EQ
– 63 Note Polyphony, (8 Note Poly on Pipe Organ)
– Only 27 lbs

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