Hammond SKX Keyboard – Walnut and Black


Hammond SKX Keyboard – Walnut and Black

Organ Section 2

VASE III as Digital Tone-Wheels, Transistor Organ and Pipe Organ

61 polyphony (for Manual, except Pipe Organ)
8 polyphony (for Pedal, except Pipe Organ)
63 polyphony (maximum, on Pipe Organ)

Drawbars Upper: 9 Pitches, Lower: 9 Pitches, Pedal: 2 Pitches
Organ Types

Manuals: 6 choices (B-Type1, B-Type2, Mellow, Vx, Farf, Pipe)
Pedal: 7 choices (Normal, Muted, Synth1, Synth2, Finger, Pick, Slap)

Touch Response Percussion Buttons: On, Volume Soft, Fast Decay, Th ird Harmonic

Vibrato and Chorus Digital Scanner

Buttons: Upper On, Lower On

Overdrive Digital, 4 programs

Control: On, Amount

Multi Effects 8 programs for Organ/Extra Voice individually

Control: On, Amount


for Organ: Bass, Mid (sweep), Treble, Tone
for Extra Voice: Bass, Mid (sweep), Treble

Internal Leslie Advanced Digital, 2 Rotors

Buttons: Bypass, Stop, Fast

Reverb Digital, 11 programs

Control: On, Depth

Master Equalizer Bass, Mid, Treble

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