Electro-Harmonix Epitome Reverb/Flanger/Octave Multi Effect Pedal


Electro-Harmonix Epitome Reverb/Flanger/Octave Multi Effect Pedal

Classic octave, flanger, phaser, reverb and delay effects all in one powerhouse of a pedal!

The EHX Epitome is the quintessence of guitar effects! This powerful digital multi-effect begins with the flawless polyphonic tracking of the Micro POG. Next is the Stereo Electric Mistress. Creamy stereo flanging and chorus weave and undulate for the richest modulations. Finally, the Holy Grail Plus wraps you in a silken shroud of luxurious reverb. Shimmer mode reroutes the effects chain for heavenly modulated ambience!

– The polyphonic Micro POG provides glitch-free octaves above and below your actual pitch
– Stereo Electric Mistress adds EHX’s signature stereo flanging and chorus
– Holy Grail Plus lets you choose from Spring, Hall and Room reverbs, plus Flerb
Shimmer Mode re-routes the effects’ chain and opens the door to a world of amazing sonic discovery
– Individual footswitches plus dedicated controls for all three effects
– Power adapter included

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