Devi-Ever Drone F–k Drone Fuzz Effects Pedal – Used


Devi-Ever Drone F–k Drone Fuzz Effects Pedal – Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

This pedal is a combination of two of Devi Ever FX’s fuzzes: the Soda Meiser and the Bi Fuzz. Using a unique joystick configuration, this pedal is sure to help you create one of a kind sounds. There are individual controls for the Soda Meiser’s and Bi Fuzz’s volume, and the Drone knobs on each channel adjust tone in addition to the center-mounted joystick. You also get additional noise-making qualities through the Noise and Chaos switches, for adding that extra bit of fuzz for quirk and character when you need it most.

Devi Ever started producing boutique effects unit out of her Portland, Oregon workshop in 2009 and recently stopped production in 2013.

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