British Drum Company Maverick Snare Drum, 5.5×14


British Drum Company Maverick Snare Drum, 5.5×14

Handcrafted in the UK, The Maverick has a 10-ply North American Maple shell with a Eucalyptus outer veneer. Maverick features 30 degree round-over bearing edges, constructed using our unique cold press moulding process to create a shell with exceptional structural and tonal range. With its stylish Palladium hardware and delicate figured finish, the Maverick is the epitome of classic drum styling.

The Maverick’s maple shell offers a smooth warmth with a hint of brightness that responds effortlessly and allows your playing to really cut through in any musical situation.

14″ x 5.5″
Remo USA heads
2.3mm triple flange hoops
30 degree round-over bearing edges
10-ply Maple shell with Eucalyptus outer veneer
Palladium lugs
BDC logo badge
Palladium strainer
Brass snare wires
Cold-Press Moulding

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