British Drum Company Aviator Snare Drum, 5.5×14


British Drum Company Aviator Snare Drum, 5.5×14

This stylish, elegant snare drum delivers a dry, controlled sound with a sensitive response over a wide dynamic range. Aviator inspires you to articulate your sticking from graceful ghost notes to a full-throated roaring backbeat. This drum offers you the full range of crisp, clean sounds to suit all types of playing.

Crafted from a seamless 1.2mm solid aluminium shell, Aviator looks stunning with its sophisticated anodised surface, beautifully complemented by stylish Palladium hardware.
14″ x 5.5″
Remo USA heads
2.3 mm triple flange hoops
1.2mm seamless aluminium shell
Palladium lugs
Cherry logo badge
Palladium strainer
Brass snare wires

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