Behringer X32 40 Input 25 Bus Digital Mixer


Behringer X32 40 Input 25 Bus Digital Mixer

If you’ve been mixing with analog consoles for a long time, the idea of switching to an all-digital format might seem kind of frightening, but the Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console makes the transition from analog to digital an easy one. The 32-channel X32 gives you all the controls you’re familiar with from the analog boards you’re used to, and merges them with digital mixing advantages including total mix recall, built-in FireWire/ USB/ ADAT expansion, virtual FX rack, high-resolution 7″ color display and more. There’s no need to fear change any longer, trade in your dated analog console for the multi-featured versatility of the Behringer X32 today!

Last updated on December 9, 2019 at 9:03 AM

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